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Commercial & Residential Cleaning Company in New Lynn

Welcome to The Clean Sweep, where your cleaning worries drift away like dust in the wind. We’re not just any cleaning service; we’re your local New Lynn partners in grime, ready to tackle your home and business cleaning needs with a whip of our dusters and a swipe of our mops.

Whether it’s the daily office clean-up or a thorough scrubbing of your suburban residence, we have the tools, the team, and the gusto to do it right. Our approach? No corner is left untouched, and a commitment to leaving your space clean and positively sparkling.

Superior Carpet Cleaning Results in New Lynn

Dirt and stains on carpets? Consider the history. At The Clean Sweep, our carpet cleaning prowess in New Lynn is second to none. We dive deep into the fibres of your carpets, using top-of-the-line equipment and eco-friendly products that lift away years of dirt and grime.

What’s the secret sauce? A combination of high-tech machinery and old-fashioned elbow grease. It’s not just cleaning; it’s rejuvenating your carpets, ensuring they’re spotless and hygienic. Say goodbye to allergens and hello to fresher air and a cleaner home.

Experience the Difference with Our Deep Cleaning Team in New Lynn

Imagine opening your door to a home that’s not just tidy but deeply, profoundly clean. That’s the promise of The Clean Sweep’s deep cleaning service in New Lynn. Our team doesn’t just skim the surface; they go deep, targeting areas that regular cleaning doesn’t reach.

We tackle the hidden grime in your kitchen, the soap scum in your bathrooms, and even the often-forgotten baseboards and window sills. The result? A home that feels brand new every time you step through the door.

Expert Residential Window Cleaning in New Lynn

Streaky windows? Not on our watch. As New Lynn’s premier window cleaning experts, we bring clarity to your panes, offering an unobstructed view of the world outside. Our window cleaning experts use specially formulated cleaners and squeegees that clear your glass without a streak in sight.

It’s not just about the shine; it’s about enhancing your home’s natural light and boosting your mood. Plus, we’re quick and efficient and always ensure no streak is left behind.

New Lynn Customized Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning Plans

Moving is a hassle, but the cleaning doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re settling in or moving on, The Clean Sweep’s move-in/move-out cleaning services in New Lynn are here to smooth your transition. We offer fully customisable cleaning plans that fit your exact needs, ensuring your new home is welcoming and your old home is ready for its new occupants.

We handle everything from deep carpet cleaning to scrubbing the kitchen, from the living room to the last cupboard. Let us take the cleaning off your checklist so you can focus on making your move as seamless as possible.

At The Clean Sweep, we’re passionate about cleanliness and committed to making your life easier. Trust us to handle the dirty work so you can enjoy a cleaner, brighter, and more comfortable space. Whether you’re a busy professional or a stressed-out homeowner, our services are just a call away. Ready for a spotless home or office? Connect with us today, and let’s make it happen.

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